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Informative visit of the representatives of Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” to the MFA EI

Informative visit of the representatives of Military Academy “Alexandru cel Bun” to the MFA EI
29th of March, Chişinău – The participants in the post-graduate training course in the field of security and national defense, organized by the "Alexandru cel Bun" Military Academy for senior officials from different state institutions, undertook an informative visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration.

State Secretary Tatiana Molcean welcomed the participants on behalf of the institution and briefly spoke about the activity of the Headquarters of the MFA IE, but also referred to the diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Moldova abroad, the cooperation mechanisms with the national authorities, as well as the main objectives of the foreign policy.

The program of the visit included presentations of the ministry's representatives on the areas of European integration and regional cooperation, aspects of bilateral cooperation, economic diplomacy, disarmament and cooperation with the OSCE, NATO and other international organizations.

During the question-answer session, participants were interested in some aspects of the Transnistrian issue, combating hybrid threats, continuity of projects implemented with EU and NATO support, developments in national security, etc.

The post-graduate course of training in the field of national security and defense "Current Issues of National Security" is organized by the Military Academy "Alexandru cel Bun" for the fifth year and aims to familiarize the participants from different institutions with the functioning of the national security system and the state policies in these areas.